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Salvation 3.8%

A light refreshing golden beer, with tropical fruit, citrus, and floral flavours. American Cascade and Amarillo hops create a citrus aroma, and crisp clean bitterness on the finish.

500ml £3.10
12 x 500ml £33.48

Vixen 4.0%

A well balanced copper coloured best bitter with subtle hints of honey, spice and hedgerow fruits. Late added Pacific Gem hops deliver a fruity nose and finish.

500ml £3.10
12 x 500ml £33.48

Fox Tale 4.3%

A traditional English ruby coloured premium bitter. A combination of pale, crystal, and chocolate malts give an upfront sweetness, tempered by the late addition of spicy hops.

500ml £3.20
21 x 500ml £34.56

IPA 5.8%

True to type this amber coloured IPA has bags of English malt, combined with English hops at the start and generously finished with American Simcoe hops to give a full-bodied beer with orange and citrus flavours.

500ml £3.50
12 x 500ml £37.80

Black Hen 4.9%

Sweet malts are balanced with subtle chocolate and espresso flavours. A rich, berry fruit mouthfeel is created by the wonderful mix of hops.

500ml £3.30
12 x 500ml £35.64

Try Hopped 4.4%

A great aroma, up front hoppy bitterness, and fruity finish to this golden ale is created with three feisty British hops, First Gold, Admiral, and Bramling Cross.

500ml £3.35
12 x 500ml £36.18

APA 4.8%

Four classic American hops, Cascade, Centennial, Citra and Chinook, give this pale ale a robust hoppy aroma and bitterness.

500ml £3.35
12 x 500ml £36.18

Old School 5.0%

A smooth, russet brown premium beer. Pale, crystal, and chocolate malts combine with traditional English hops to produce a well-balanced ale.

500ml £3.40
12 x 500ml £36.72