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All from local producers.

Burleigh’s Signature Gin 40%

Locally produced London Gin


Burleigh’s Distiller’s Cut 47%

Two of the distillers favourite additional botanicals added to the Signature Gin


Burleigh’s Export Strength Gin 47%

A Stronger version of Signature Gin


Rothley Wine Estate ‘Spirit of Freedom’ 11%

2013 Sparkling Blush Rose


Rothley Wine Estate Battle Royal 12.5%

Medium Dry Rose Wine


Rothley Wine Estate King Richard 12.5%

Dry White Wine


Rothley Wine Estate King Henry 10.5%

Red Wine


Rothley Wine Estate Gundog 11%

Very Dry White Wine


Burleigh’s Leicester 40%

With botanicals and flavours steeped in the history of Leicestershire. Football Club themed bottle


Burleigh’s Pink 40%

With pink hibiscus and cherry blossom


Burleigh’s Tigers 40%

Leicester Dry Gin. Tigers themed bottle


Titanic Plum Gin 40%

Botanicals and the sweetness of plums